Personal Attention

310 Sport Marketing is a fit for the top athletes in the world - based on our skills for negotiation, network, client service and the way we thrive under high pressure situations - delivering our best results under adversity. We have a special talent for thinking before we act, and we act decisively when the time is right - whereas other agents hesitate, panic or dissemble because of ignorance and fear. We are not afraid of conflict if conflict is appropriate under the circumstances. We treat our clients well: our loyalty rate is second to none because we confer, rather than receive, favors. 310 alone does great work for our clients not from a sense of self-interest, but in the confidence of our superior freedom and abilities and our fearless spirit.

To sum up: 310 is the top agency, and each individual 310 team member has the exceptional power of adapting himself to the circumstances of negotiations with the utmost versatility and refinement. We are not without witnesses: our athletes have seen example after example of our works - and collectively they love what they see.

Personal attention to your career is what all athletes deserve and we at 310 Sports Marketing  are determined to surpass all expectations when it comes to doing the little things that matter at the end of the day.

-John Garcia, 310 Sports Marketing